Thursday, 14 April 2011

Science Team Meeting

So we have the BORTAS science team meeting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. It is taking place at the University of Edinburgh and will include discussions relevant to BORTAS-B, the campaign taking place this summer, and BORTAS-A, the campaign that went ahead last summer. The agenda is available at and anyone interested in watching online can contact Stephan Matthiesen whose details are on the above page.

There will be talks about the new instruments that have recently flown on the UK atmospheric research aircraft and whose performance is important for the BORTAS flights, and also talks about new instruments that will potentially be making their first real science flights during BORTAS. Presentations about the measurements that will be made across Canada and at the Pico Mountain Atmospheric Observatory on Pico Island in the Azores will also be made. And of course we will be deciding on a logo for the campaign so anyone involved who wants to submit a design better get designing fast. If you're coming I'll see you there, and if not then watch this space for an update on all the exciting news I'm expecting from the science team!

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